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    DXN Code Strike a suction cup on the other end but I don't if that's gonna oh I've just suctioned it onto my table I haven't really got anything to say actually I want it I've got my iPad let's try that suction cup works I think it would this is kind of textured so I think on something smooth that would work very well I haven't got anything smooth I've got my phone I can tell my phone let's try that there we go that's pretty I think the suction cup works I think I've proved that um yeah so I like I say I don't tend to go for huge dildos because I have to say I don't use them much if I'm masturbating I tend to prefer the sex toys that you can put your dick into and that kind of sex toy rather than one city shove up your butt I quite like prostate massagers like vibrating ones but I don't tend to used all those for that purpose I tend to use them say if I know I'm going to have sex I tend to loosen myself up with them and obviously if they feel nice that's brilliant so I'd like I say I tend to use this one I remember the make of it I feel like it's like Doc Johnson or something I can't remember but it's very is quite plasticy there's quite a nice shape and it's got quite a nice rounded and and it's not entirely realistic as it basically it's got no balls obviously it's got a suction cup so this is I think this is more of a a toy that you could attach to set like a wall maybe and you could back onto me right I have done that like a tiled bathroom wall you can attach it and then kind of back onto it which is nice and then kind of move yourself back because before so that's probably why I would use it in fact I might try that out with this one you know just to see how good the suction is I think


    DXN Code Strike Reviews train myself to be able to take really huge things it's just not my not my thing so yeah I mean this is another soft one but it doesn't Bend totally and this is supposed to be life like soft life like butt and I thought it was but compared to this one this does feel a lot it's a lot more squishy the coating on the outside compared to this one which I always thought was quite good and this is definitely harder inside and this so this does feel more realistic oddly I'm just saying as is nobody's paying me this is my own view I mean I got this for free but nobody's paying me to say what I'm saying so yeah I'm quite intrigued so what I'm going to do now is I'm gonna go and try this I'm gonna use it I'm gonna try sticking it to something and using it I'm gonna try just using it as is just lie down and use it and a lot of that way and yeah and we'll see how it goes and I will come back and I'll give you my final view of it and maybe I'll give it points out of 10 I mean it's just a dildo so you know points out 10 does it work as a dildo did I like it so I shall go and try it and then I'll come back and give you my final view okay I've tried it I'm back I put something on as well not very much but you know just an attempt at some clothing so I'm going to give you my final view on this in fact I'm going to come in again um I really like it it's really nice and I've cleaned it up now I don't seem to have done it any damage so it survived that survived use and now didn't spend hours on it but you know I definitely had my use of it and I think it's really good I tried it out on some tiles and I didn't work obviously I tried out some tiles I did it that way I tried it that way up as well both work brilliantly I mean you can't throw yourself a bow obviously because it's going to pull off the tiles clearly and I tried it on the floor which seemed to work okay as well again you know if you jump up and down it is going to come off the floor because you know your body is holding it tighter than the suction cup but you know just to hold gently and direct it works fine and obviously I'm talking about this



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